Construction in Costa Verde

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The Costa Verde apartment complex, located at the corner of La Jolla Village and Regents Road, a mere 1 mile from campus, houses many UCSD college students, amongst some young families, as well as elderly residents. I personally have been living here in Costa Verde North since August 2011, and find it quite pleasant, despite its 2.5/5 star rating on Most of the complaints come from terrible service at the Leasing Office, or poor maintenance turnover time on common appliance breakdowns. I live in a two bedroom apartment on the first floor and despite some rowdy individuals roaming the complex at odd hours of the night, it’s not too shabby living here.

Recently, I noticed that they are doing construction in Costa Verde South, on the side of the complex facing Costa Verde Blvd. After curiously asking the leasing office agent what they plan on doing with the construction, I discovered that they are trying to remodel their leasing offices there and rebuild more apartments. However, I remember also seeing a notice on my door a couple months ago about Costa Verde apartments transitioning into condominiums in the near future. Could this be a test run? As you can see, the building side is completely tore out, thus leaving the kid’s playground also an unsafe space for children at this time. It’s also loud and noisy, with construction trucks abound. After a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed barely any changes to the building.

I guess only time will tell in telling us what’s really going on with the construction in Costa Verde.


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